Artist Statement

I found it while walking with my dog.

Being with the right camera is like recognizing the uncanny resemblance between a dog and its owner. They often look alike and share a symbiotic connection. Their facial features may be similar, and their posture and movement may complement each other. The bond between a dog and its owner is an unconditional attraction that can be unparalleled and cute, depending on how one perceives the relationship. If my dog were a camera, it would be a Plaubel Makina 67.

Johnny Le, Los Angeles, Tokyo to Taipei, July 3, 2023


Johnny Le (b. 1987) is a Vietnamese American fine art photographer and curator.

Le's diaristic approach to capturing moments of in-between sceneries, portraiture, and documentarian artifacts reveal sincere glimpses into the lives of emerging and established artists, icons, interiors, food, and spaces.

Through his experimental curatorial practice and creative advisory, Le extends the rapport he forms with his subjects. He works collaboratively with them to present thematic concepts and cultural programming that bridge the divergent communities of the art world, design, entertainment, fashion, gastronomy, music, and the use of unorthodox exhibition spaces. This collaborative approach imbues his work with a relational meaning that draws viewers into an immersive storytelling experience.